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Our goal is to create an elevated experience with every product we produce. Starting with 100% organic wheat, we add and distill local fresh pressed Ohio apples to finish the spirit used in our handcrafted High Bank Vodka and Statehouse Gin. Our Vodka has a noticeable sweet finish and our Gin is an American style with a strong blood orange aroma that overshadows the typical juniper/pine notes found in a classic gin.

Our passion for bourbon is what started it all. We are a grain-to-barrel-to-bottle-to-glass bourbon producer. Since before opening our doors in the Spring of 2018, we have been perfecting our recipe in small batches and you can expect to see our made-from-scratch High Bank Bourbon hit the shelves in 2020, after allowing it the proper time to age and achieve our desired flavor profile. To give ourselves the luxury of fully aging our in-house bourbon, we have created a custom Rye Whiskey blend. It took us almost a year of sourcing and testing barrels from across the country before we were satisfied and found the right combination of flavors for our unique High Bank blend that we are proud to call, Whiskey War.

We hope you enjoy them as much as we do! Cheers!


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