High Bank Distillery is very passionate about supporting Pelotonia and the fight to cure cancer. As a company, we have owners and staff that have been impacted by cancer and that have ridden in past years in support of the fight against cancer.

Therefore, we feel very passionate about providing an opportunity to riders and Pelotons to utilize High Bank Distillery to raise funds.

We currently offer the following opportunity to fund raise at High Bank Distillery Co:


For individuals that are interested in holding a happy hour fundraiser at High Bank, we will offer drinks to the fundraising group at full price, and we will donate the Happy Hour proceeds from the group to the rider holding the fundraiser or to the Peloton holding the fundraiser.

For example, our happy hour specials for High Bank spirits and High Bank cocktails offers $2 off these drinks. Instead of giving that discount on the purchase of the spirit or cocktail, full price is charged and the $2 is donated to the rider or Peloton. Our full happy hour offerings can be viewed under our menu section at

This Happy Hour Fundraiser is available Monday through Wednesday from 3pm to 8pm at High Bank Distillery, so if you are interested in holding a Pelotonia Happy Hour fundraiser at High Bank, we would love to host you and your group!

For coordination of all Pelotonia fundraisers, please contact Charles Carter at Please note that this is the only fundraising opportunity for Pelotonia that is available at High Bank.