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Here at high bank we love History. And because we love history we love all things classic, well almost all. Classic cocktails for example are something most people can get behind. They are tried and true recipes and flavor profiles that just work. However, an age of auto tune and apps that make your eyes look bigger for an instagram photo we recognize that everything could use a tweak now and then. Keeping that in mind this month we bring you The Bee’s Knees, a spin on the classic cocktail the French 75. This gin cocktail features our citrus forward Statehouse Gin and our secret recipe hot honey syrup (also featured on our crowd favorite Hot Honey Chicken entree), along with fresh lemon juice and some chilled bubbly this is a simple drink that is worth all of the buzz. The creation was a collaboration between a few of the bartenders on staff at High Bank Distillery, and while no one will directly take credit for its creation we have heard rumors that the employees know the true queen bee creator of  this drink. One needs only to ask in person to be sent on their way to this masked mastermind. This drink is great for transition from summer to fall as it ties in the bright citrus we all covet on our summer pallets, while also high lighting the warm smooth flavors from fall we all look forward to each year. 

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 Now lets get back to that chicken shall we? The Bees Knees is a great pairing option for the Hot Honey Chicken. Created by our Chef Todd out of the same want to make a classic into a creation. Our chicken is locally sourced and lightly battered, afterwards it is glazed in  our delicious melt in your mouth hot honey. The dish is also served up with some seriously creamy pimento Mac and cheese. This stuff will put you grannys Mac and cheese recipe to shame. How do we know about your granny you ask? We have our ways. Getting back on topic this dish is a great way to indulge your taste buds and experience some truly unique flavors come together in a not so classic way. We encourage you to come in and try the combination for yourself.( You can even bring Granny)

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In The Beginning...

 Pictured left to right: Adam Hines, Calvin Jones, Jordan Helman & Jeff Ireland

Pictured left to right: Adam Hines, Calvin Jones, Jordan Helman & Jeff Ireland

A question that we receive most frequently is how did High Bank Distillery Company come to be?  What was the journey leading up to the creation of the company, and who is behind it? While the story from start to finish would be quite lengthy and in some parts a bore, we will keep this concise.

 High Bank Distillery Company was founded by four partners and Columbus residents, the founding fathers if you will. These four founders are comprised of Jordan Helman, Adam Hines, Calvin Jones and Jeff Ireland. Adam Hines and Jordan Helman began the working relationship between  their two companies (States of Design & Zest Juice Co.) in 2014. Around this same time an idea between the two of them started to brew. While they both had a passion for craft beer, forming another brewery in the already saturated Columbus beer market seemed a risky venture. As with many bearded  men in their early 30’s, hop heads if you will, they did not limit their pallets to only beer, and decide to focus their energy on their next love, bourbon! It was this passion for bourbon that the two decided to open a micro distillery in Columbus Ohio with the intention of making great spirits that they would be proud to have featured on any bar shelf in America . From there the history of High Bank Distillery company consists of budgets, and permits and all the things we promised not to bore you with. Over the past four years the the team was completed as the joining of the final two partners was finalized. Today each of our “founding fathers” has their own unique role in running the distillery and we wouldn’t have it any other way.